Safety Features
Cabinet Leak Test. Biobase cabinets have to pass pressure decay test as defined in the European Standard 2469:2000, US Stand ANSI/NSF 49:2002 and Chinese Standard YY0569-2005
KI-Discus Containment Test. Biobase cabinets are tested using the KI-Discus method according to European Standard EN12469:2000 and Chinese Standard YY0569-2005 for containment and operator safety at the manufacturing site.
Filter Leak Test. Biobase cabinet are tested using an aerosol photometer according to European Standard 2469:2000, US Stand ANSI/NSF 49:2002 and Chinese Standard YY0569-2005. This test determines the integrity of down-flow and exhaust filters, filter housings and filter mounting frames.
Automatic self-filtering cycle at start-up requires a fixed period of warm-up period during which the cabinet work zone is purged of contaminants before use
Intrinsically-safe negative pressure design
The motor/blower system is able to compensate automatically to maintain the down-flow air at the speed of 0.37±0.015 without interruption to guarantee the safe performance.
Interlocked UV light only operates when blower and fluorescent light are off and sash is closed.
Front window glass is toughened glass (standard) or non-reflecting multi-layer safety glass (optional),which provides enhanced UV protection for operators
Audible and visual alarms prompt the operator in case of any unsafe condition


Performance Features
HEPA Filter 99.999% efficient (0.3 microns ). HEPA filter is constructed of pleated borosilicate glass fibers.
HEPA Filter (Standard for Manual Window Series) 99.999% efficient(0.3 microns) HEPA filter is constructed of pleased borosilicate glass fibers.
Filter Life Indicator. The pressure value is displayed on the control panel to show the life utility of the main filter and exhaust filter
A microprocessor control system, together with LED display makes it clear for all control and safety functions, Intelligent diagnostics of problems.
True airflow velocity (both down-flow and inflow) sensing technology, with temperature compensation for improved sensor accuracy. The velocity value continuous digital display on the front LED for constant monitoring.
UV timer function to control the decontamination cycle and maximize lamp life.
Easy to decontaminate and disinfect. The working chamber of the safety cabinet is easy to be cleaned and disinfected. The stainless steel counter surface can be took out for autoclaving
Weight-balanced Front Window


Products Features
Advanced Microprocessor Control System. The control system measures the air flow pressure accurately and balances the air velocity strictly for entire working chamber. An unique advanced here is that a strip bar on the LED control panel works as an indicator of the life utility of the main filter and exhaust filter, which reminds the user to replace the HEPA filters on time so as to provide special protection for operators.
Intelligent Filter Compensation System. The vertical airflow will be automatically supplied at the speed of 0.37m/s±0.015m/s without interruption. When filter block occurs, the fan motor will increase its speed to ensure constant vertical air flow to guarantee the safe performance.
HEPA Filter. 99.999% efficient (0.3 microns) .It’s constructed of pleated borosilicate glass fibers.
The motor drive front window can be moved smoothly and exactly to desirable position, and it can be completely closed when not use, providing a physical barrier
Easy to Decontaminate and Disinfect. The working chamber of the safety cabinet is easy to be cleaned and disinfected. The stainless steel counter surface can be taken for autoclaving. UV light can only be turned on when the front window is closed completely and the fluorescent lamp is turned off. It avoids the potential hazard to operator from UV light


Technical Parameters
External Size (W*D*H):700*500*1200 mm       
Internal Size (W*D*H):970*600*660 mm
Main Filter: HEPA (one piece)   
Filtration Performance: 99.999% (0.3 microns
Exhaust filter: HEPA filter 
Filtration Performance: 99.999% (0.3 microns)
Inflow Velocity: 0.65m/s±0.015m/s                
Down Flow Velocity: 0.37m/s±0.015m/s
Air Circulation: 30%                     
Exhaust Air: 70%
Control System: Microprocessor           
Front Panel: Multi-layer doubling toughened glass
Lighting: 800Lux
Noise: <65dB       
Clean Level: Class 100
Rated Voltage: 220V~240V/50Hz~60Hz; 110V~130V/60Hz  (optional)  
Power: 800W      
Collecting: >4000ml. Fitted with draining valve
Vibration: the net displace is no more than 5rms, when the frequency is from10Hz to 10Hz
Material: Type 304 stainless steel for working zone interior    
Stability: the core part can stand 23kg pressure without permanent distortion
Biosafety: Personnel safety: Hammer blow samples<10CFU/time Slit Samples<5CFU/time
Product safety: the microorganism germ falls<5CFU/time
Cross infection safety: the microorganism germ falls<2CGU/time