MACHEREY NAGEL NucleoSpin Plant II Maxi MN

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Rp. 5,910,466
Katalog SL740772,20
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Katalog SL740772,20
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Harga Rp. 5,910,466

NucleoSpin® Plant  II Maxi


For rapid medium and large scale preparation of genomic DNA from plant cells and fungi
• Two alternative lysis buffers included for optimal processing of various samples and highest flexibility:
   Lysis Buffer PL1, based on CTAB lysis method
   Lysis Buffer PL2, based on SDS lysis method

• NucleoSpin® Filters L / XL included for clarification of lysate
• Improved buffer compositions – higher yield and purity
• RNase A included
 NucleoSpin® Plant II Maxi - MN
  NucleoSpin® Plant II Maxi  
Technology Silica-membrane technology  
Format Midi spin columns  
Sample material < 1500 mg plant tissue (wet weight)
< 300 mg plant tissue (dry weight)
Lysate clarification NucleoSpin® Filters L  
Fragment size 50 bp–approx. 50 kbp  
Typical yield 50–300 µg
(400 mg plant tissue, wet weight)
A260/A280 1.8–1.9  
Elution volume 1000–2000 µL  
Preparation time 90 min/prep  
Binding capacity 500 µg  


• DNA from plant cells and tissue
• DNA from fungi
• Typical downstream applications: PCR, Southern blotting, enzymatic reactions


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