Benchmark BeadBlaster 24 Microtube Homogenizer -

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Rp. 149,050,000
Katalog D2400-E
Brand Benchmark
Kondisi New

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Katalog D2400-E
Ukuran -
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Harga Rp. 149,050,000

The BeadBlaster™ 24 completely lyses, grinds and homogenizes a broad variety of biological samples. Even the most difficult and resistant samples are fully homogenized, often in 35 seconds or  less. The stainless steel tube carrier subjects up to 24 samples to an optimized, high speed, 3D motion, producing high energy impacts between the samples and micro-beads to release cellular contents. After homogenization, samples can be centrifuged and the
supernatant collected for further processing.
• Fast, efficient homogenization in about 35 seconds
• For all sample types, from soft tissue to bone
• Mix up to 24 tubes simultaneously
• Sealed 2.0ml tubes - eliminates cross contamination


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