Faitfull Small Capacity Oven

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Rp. 9,876,100
Katalog WHL2500AB
Brand Faithful
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Katalog WHL2500AB
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Harga Rp. 9,876,100


Spesifikasi Small Capacity Oven

Desktop Drying Oven

alat laboratorium umum Oven kecil dengan kapasitas sekitar 18 ltr.  Di pakai di laboratorium industri, sekolah , rumah sakit dll.

Desktop Constant-Temperature Drying Oven (WHL-25AB) / Oven / Sterilizing Oven
WHL-25 is an improved drying oven, which applies to labs of industrial enterprise, scientific research institution and health and medicine unit for drying, baking, heating and other experimental use.

1. High-quality cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior.
2. Stainless steel or cold rolling steel inner chamber treated by anti-corrosion technology; Foursquare semicircle transition, convenient to clean; Space between shelves is adjustable.
3. Optional pointer meter or intelligent temperature controller; Intelligent controller with PID program, dual digital display, light-touching operational key, and with function of timing and over-temperature protection.
4. Door with wide double-layer tempered glass observation window, adjustable air-tight buckle lock, and silicon rubber seal, which provide good sealability and efficiently prevent heat loss.

Model          Voltage           Tem. Range (° C)      Tem. Motio(° C)    Ambient tem.    Power(kw)  

WHL-25AB  220V/50Hz         RT+5~300                  ± 1.0                         5-40                 0.6    

 Inner Champer Size        Exterior Size

    280× 280× 280            410× 410× 620 



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