Hanna Zero Oxygen Solution Set (500 mL) 500 ml

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Katalog HI7040L
Brand Hanna
Kondisi New
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Katalog HI7040L
Ukuran 500 ml
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HI7040L is a bicomponent zero oxygen solution designed for calibrating both polarographic and galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors. By simply immersing the dissolved oxygen probe in the solution users can quickly calibrate to 0% oxygen concentration, allowing for accurate follow-up measurements of dissolved oxygen in their sample. Hanna dissolved oxygen solutions are produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using reagent grade chemicals in a temperature controlled environment.  

The HI7040L bottle is labeled with:

  • Product code

  • Lot number

  • Expiration date

Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal

  • Ensures quality and freshness of solution


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