BIONEER ExiPrep DX Mycobacteria Genomic DNA Kit 96 Test

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Rp. 17,710,000
Katalog K-4418
Brand Bioneer
Kondisi New

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Katalog K-4418
Ukuran 96 Test
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Harga Rp. 17,710,000

Designed for use with the ExiPrep™16 Dx, ExiPrep™ Dx Mycobacteria Genomic DNA Kit is a total solution for the accurate and rapid extraction of bacterial DNA within clinical samples such as sputum, urine, BAL, etc. ExiPrep™ Dx Mycobacteria Genomic DNA Kit contains all buffers and consumables necessary for efficient and effective bacterial DNA extraction, and also provides EZ solution, sputum liquefying solution, which makes sputum treatment simpler, faster and even more effective. Features and Benefits Providing EZ solution for easy sputum pretreatment Simultaneous extraction of nucleic acids from up to 16 clinical samples ExiPrep™16 Dx system uses silica magnetic beads developed and produced with Bioneer’s technology. Resuspension Buffer is included for the resuspension of pretereated samples.


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