Sigma Aldrich Demand-WP 20 ML

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Rp. 1,192,400
Katalog QC1130-20ML
Brand Sigma Aldrich
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Katalog QC1130-20ML
Ukuran 20 ML
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Harga Rp. 1,192,400


Related CategoriesAdditional StandardsAnalytical Standards,Analytical/ChromatographyCertified Reference Materials (CRMs)Environmental Matrix CRMs (RTC),
grade  certified reference material
packaging  ampule of 20 mL
mfr. no.  RTC, QCI-026
concentration  100% in H2O
application(s)  TOC: suitable
format  matrix material



Product is suitable for measurement of:
• Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
• Carbonaceous BOD (CBOD)
• Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
• Dissolved organic carbon (DOC)
• Total organic carbon (TOC)

General description

This certified reference material (CRM) is produced and certified in accordance with ISO Guide 34:2009 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005. This CRM is traceable according to the requirements of ISO Guide 34:2009 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005. All information regarding the use of this CRM can be found on the certificate of analysis. Download your certificate of analysis at:

Other Notes

Values of analytes vary lot to lot. Some lots may not contain all analytes.

Preparation Note

The solvent for this sample is water. This sample is packaged as a 20 mL concentrate. The sample has been autoclaved for preservation.
To prepare solution, partially fill a 1-L volumetric flask with reagent-grade water. Open ampule QC1130-20ML (be careful to avoid cuts on glass) and transfer 10 mL from the ampule into the flask. Fill the volumetric flask to volume with reagent-grade water and mix well. The sample is now ready for immediate analysis.
Analyze the solution to determine BOD or CBOD first. If COD and TOC cannot be determined within two hours after sample preparation, an aliquot should be preserved (pH<2>NOTES: For proper oxygen depletion of BOD and CBOD, the sample should be tested in a dilution series. Use a natural surface water or diluted domestic sewage for seeded dilution water and avoid entrainment of air. For analysis of CBOD, the use of a nitrifying inhibitor is recommended. Be sure to determine the “blank” BOD of your seeded dilution water so that the proper seed correction can be made.


View example COA for QC1130

Note - The link provided is an example certificate of analysis (COA) only and may not be the lot that you receive. All analytes may not be present or certified for each lot, and analyte concentrations will vary by lot.


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