THERMO SCIENTIFIC Accucore HILIC 10x3.0mm2.6um Defender guards pk4 -

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Rp. 10,492,735
Katalog 17526-013005
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Katalog 17526-013005
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Harga Rp. 10,492,735

Accucore HILIC
• Enhanced retention of polar and hydrophilic analytes
• Alternative selectivity to C18 without ion-pair or derivatization
In HILIC mode the separation occurs through two mechanisms. The primary mechanism is a partitioning effect due to the enriched water layer around the polar or charged substrate material. The secondary mechanism involves interaction between the analyte and the active surface moiety.
Analyte properties that govern retention with HILIC phases are acidity/basicity,which determines hydrogen bonding, and polarizability which determines dipoledipole interactions.The highly organic mobile phases used with Accucore HILIC phase ensure efficient desolvation in ESI MS detection, which in turn leads to improved sensitivity.


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