SPL Multi well Culture Plate 96 wells

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Katalog 30096-1
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Katalog 30096-1
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Multi well Culture Plate, 96 wells



Multiwell Plates have been widely used for handling different samples in single experiment during culture. SPL Lifesciences provides a wide option of multiwell plates from 4-well to 96-well plates. All of the multiwell plates were tested for cell culture. Optically clear high quality polymers were used during production. Sterile version of multiwell plates are treated with Gamma irradiation after complete packaging to eliminate any chance for possible exposures to contamination sources. Surface treated or non-treated version can be selected for each multiwell plates depending on the experiments.

? Useful in all areas of cell culture and molecular biology
? Cell culture tested
? Designed for reduced cross contamination
? Optically clear and uniform surface for microscopy
? Sterilized by gamma irradiation and individually packaged 
? Non pyrogenic
? Polystyrene

Technical Literature
  ?96well Protein Quantitation 396 Kb
  ?endotoxin test 199 Kb
  ?endotoxin test-2 190 Kb
  ?cytotoxicity test 217 Kb
  ?USP class VI test 173 Kb
  ?USP class VI test-2 191 Kb
  ?USP class VI test-3 243 Kb
  ?Method I 177 Kb
  ?Sterility test 160 Kb
  ?Bioindicator test 167 Kb
  ?[TDS] 96 well Cell Culture Plate 176 Kb


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