SPL Tissue Culture Flask with Filter Cap PS 175cm

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Katalog 71175-5
Brand SPL
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Katalog 71175-5
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Tissue  Culture Flask  with   Filter Cap,PS,   175cm2

Cell Culture flasks of SPL Life Sciences are ergonomically designed for easy handling, while achieving minimal contamination during cell culture. Short, wide and angled neck design enables easy access of serological pipettes and cell scrapers. Flasks are divided into 6 types, depending on the culture scale and the cap type. Cell growth area for T25, T75 and T175 are 25?, 75?, and 175?, respectively. Each flask can be provided with plug or filter caps. All culture flask products are surface treated for cell culture and sterilized by gamma irradiation.

? Tissue culture treated for cell attachment & growth
? Filter cap 
? Short, wide and angled neck 
? Crystal-grade polystyrene 
? Sterilized by gamma irradiation
? Non-cytotoxic
? Non-pyrogenic

Technical Literature
  ?[Bench Test] Cell Culture Test - 293A 109 Kb
  ?Endotoxin Test 394 Kb
  ?Cytotoxicity Test 217 Kb
  ?USP Class VI Test - Systemic Injection, Intracutaneous Reactivity Test 331 Kb
  ?Sterilization Dose Method 177 Kb
  ?Sterility Test 331 Kb
  ?[TDS] Cell Culture Flask, Treated 189 Kb


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