DAKO Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human Cytokeratin Clone 12 mL

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Katalog SLIR05361
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Katalog SLIR05361
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Harga Rp. 6,165,725

Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human


Clone AE1/AE3

Reacts with the 65-67, 64, 59, 58, 56.5, 56, 54, 52, 50, 48 and 40 kDa cytokeratins.

The antibody labels keratinized and corneal epidermis, stratified squamous epithelia of internal organs, stratified epithelia, hyperproliferative keratinocytes, and simple epithelia. The antibody is useful for the identification of tumors as carcinoma or epithelial origin and for differential identification of undifferentiated carcinomas.

Merkel cell tumor. Some neoplastic cells show a focal and dot-like cytoplasmic staining reaction for cytokeratin.

Clinical application for IR053/IS053. For identification of tumors of epithelial origin such as squamous cell carcinoma, seminoma and Merkel cell tumor.

  • Optimized staining performance of both high and low-expression structures
  • Crisp and clear staining with no background
  • Optimal laboratory efficiency with ready-to-use antibodies on Autostainer Link 48

The staining performance of all antibodies has been defined, tested and approved through collaboration with leading international pathologists. Check the Atlas of Stains - a guide to diagnostic accuracy.

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This product is CE-marked according to the EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC IR053 Clone AE1/AE3
Safety Data Sheet:
Non-hazard classification statement
60 tests, 12 mL 
Product No. IR05361


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