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Katalog BP-300-BLO.01
Brand Serva
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Katalog BP-300-BLO.01
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The BluePower™ 300 BLOT Power Supply (300 V, 2 A, 300 W) is suited for applications requiring high current like tank blotting or semi-dry blotting of larger protein gels. It is also compatible with separation of nucleic acids. 4 x 2 outlets, programmable.
All SERVA BluePower™ power supplies are easy-to-use, safe and reliable. They are fully overload-protected including short-circuit of outputs: an automatic poweroff function stops the voltage when ground leakage is detected.
Automatic cross-over function
Each model has constant voltage, constant current and constant power capabilities with automatic cross-over and shows which parameter is kept constant.
Programmable power supplies
User-defined editing of programs is done quickly. 9 programs with each up to 9 steps can be stored. Once a set has been made, the parameters can be changed during the run, without interrupting it.
Data logging, data transfer and remote control
All BluePower™ power supplies have a continuous logging combined with a real time clock. Data can be transfered via USB interface to visualize and examine the stored run details. Moreover the power supply could be controlled by your computer via remote control function.
Timer Function
The timer function enables you to run your gels at a constant time, while the Vh integrator gives you maximum reproducibility of difficult
Voltage Ramp Mode
A linear voltage gradient for any step provided the limiting current current or power is not attained.


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