Sigma Aldrich TPH in Water (low level) 2 ml

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Rp. 1,841,000
Katalog PE1799-2ML
Brand Sigma Aldrich
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Katalog PE1799-2ML
Ukuran 2 ml
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Harga Rp. 1,841,000


Related CategoriesAdditional StandardsAnalytical StandardsAnalytical/ChromatographyProficiency TestingUnderground Storage Tank PTs (UST)
packaging  ampule of 1 × 2 mL
mfr. no.  RTC, PEO-115TX-L
concentration  in pentane
Featured Industry  Environmental
storage temp.  2-8°C


General description

This proficiency testing sample is produced in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043:2010. All information regarding the use of this material can be found in the reporting packet supplied for each sample.

Preparation Note

This vial contains a concentrate of a blended gasoline from three different sources and diesel fuel oil No. 2 in pentane for analysis by TNRCC Method 1005.
When prepared according to instructions, the concentration of each analyte will be less than 10 mg/L.

Sample preparation
To prepare solution, fill a 40-mL VOA vial to volume with carbon-filtered reagent-grade water at room temperature.
Remove enough water to allow for the addition of extraction solvent.
Open vial PE1799-2ML and immediately withdraw 40 ?L with a gas tight syringe.
Quickly inject the 40 ?L aliquot below the surface of the reagent water in the voa vial.
Add extraction solvent.
Mix the sample by inverting the flask three times only (excessive shaking results in loss of volatiles) and analyze immediately. Assume a 40 mL sample for calculation purposes. Note this is a 1:1000 dilution and other dilutions are acceptable.

Other Notes

Proficiency testing samples are presented as single blind. No values for the samples are released unti the testing period concludes. Values of analytes vary lot to lot.


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