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The complete biotech toolkit for your lab or classroom. miniPCR DNA Discovery System™ contains:

  • miniPCR™ mini16 thermal cycler
  • blueGel™ Electrophoresis System with Integrated Illuminator
  • 2-20 µl micropipette
  • 2-year Warranty

Quality developed and built in Massachusetts, USA. CE marked. 

miniPCR™: the PCR machine for everyone, everywhere

  • Validated peer-reviewed performance
  • Portable and durable construction
  • Heated lid
  • 8 x 0.2 ml PCR tube capacity (strip-compatible)
  • Full control via Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, or Android app
  • GLOBAL VOLTAGE compatible 90-264V
  • Battery pack compatible for full power autonomy (optional)
  • Includes: miniPCR power supply, AC cord, USB cable (OTG adapter optional), drawstring travel pouch, miniPCR Software Apps

miniPCR™ is fully compatible with standard tubes and reagents.

First PCR in microgravity

blueGel™: integrated DNA electrophoresis and visualization

  • Visualize DNA as it separates
  • See bands in as little as 5 minutes
  • Uses 10x less reagents than conventional electrophoresis
  • Safe blue-light transilluminator technology
  • Say goodbye to ethidium bromide, UV, or high voltage
  • Includes: blueGel power supply, buffer chamber and 2 gel trays, casting platform with two double-sided combs, ClearView™ Spray and Lens cleaning cloth, carrying pouch, Fold-a-View™ photo documentation foldable hood.

Licensed under US patents 6198107, 6512236, 6914250, and EP 0965034.

Micropipette (2-20 µl): essential biotech tool

  • Accurate, simple, affordable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Factory calibrated and easy to re-calibrate
  • Digital dial stops for accurate volume settings
  • Includes: micropipette, calibration wrench, pipette holder, lubricant


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