BIONEER Exicycler 96 Real Time Quantitative Therma Block 355 (W) x 540 (H) x 470 (D)

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Rp. 1,517,824,000
Katalog A-2060
Brand Bioneer
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Katalog A-2060
Ukuran 355 (W) x 540 (H) x 470 (D)
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Harga Rp. 1,517,824,000

Exicycler™ 96 is a superior 96-well PCR system designed for real-time qPCR applications demanding the highest performance. Proprietary Light Tunnel (LT) technology mitigates the common problem of uneven light distribution across the 96-well plate, allowing for normalization of fluorescence signals from all five channels without the use of a reference dye. The analysis software contains several different modules for analyzing qPCR data including: Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, SNP genotyping, Existence/Nonexistence and Melting curve analysis. With the various modules analyses such as viral load monitoring, gene expression analysis, SNP genotyping etc. can be performed. In vitro diagnostic software packages have also been developed (KFDA, CE-IVD certified versions), which allows the instrument to be used for molecular diagnostic purposes



 Viral load
 Pathogen Detection
 Genetic disease detection
 Drug resistance analysis
 DNA methylation study
 SNP (Single nucleotide polymorphism) Detection
 Quantification of Gene Expression


 Uniform illumination with LT(Light Tunnel) Technology
LT delivers accurate and precise results without the need for a reference dye.
* Patient: KR 794703(Korea), US 8139210(U.S.A.), JP 4751821(Japan)

 Real 5-Color Multiplexing
Five band-pass filters each for excitation and emission are included for multiplexing, and since no reference dyes are necessary, true five-color multiplexing is possible.

 Real-time Analysis
Use the Melting curve analysis module to measure the melting points of amplicons in real-time.

 Fast and Accurate Analysis
The high-performance 2D CCD sensor collects information from all 96 wells simultaneously, removing any detection-lag deviations and producing accurate results.

 Touch down PCR
Time increments and temperature increment controls allow for touch-down PCR applications.

 Use Various Fluorescent Dyes
The light source provides even excitation from 480 to 690 nm, allowing the use of various fluorescent dyes.

 Wide Linear Dynamic Range
The dynamic range of detection is wide at over 109.

 Intuitive and Convenient Software
A user-centric GUI lets users design and analyze experiments with ease.


Physical specifications
Dimension (mm) 355 (W) x 540 (H) x 470 (D)
Weight (kg) 30 kg
Sample capacity / size 96 well plate / 0.2 ml tubes
Sample volume 20 ~ 100 ul (50 ul recommended)
Power consumption 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 850 Watts
Operating temperature 15 ~ 30 °C
Operating humidity 20 ~ 80%, no condensation
Thermo module specifications
Method Heating / Cooling Peltier
Temperature range 4.0°C ~ 99.9°C
Max ramp rate 2.5°C/sec
Temperature accuracy ± 0.3°C
Temperature uniformity ± 0.5°C
Lid temperature 90 ~ 120°C
Temperature increment range 0.1°C ~ 2.0°C
Time increment range 1 sec ~ 60 sec
Computer specifications
Operating system Windows XP & Window7 (32-bit OS only, S/W version 3.54.4 or later)
Processor speed Intel Dual Core E2160 (1.8GHz) or higher
Memory 1GB or higher
Communication port USB 2.0 high speed
Screen resolution 1280X1024 or higher
Optical specifications
Light source Short arc lamp (120W)
Sensor 16-Bit 2D CCD
Excitation Filter / Emission Filter 5 Sets


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