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High-Throughput Real-Time PCR Rapid real-time PCR with IT connectivity and automated data analysis and result reporting

The Sentosa® SA201 Real-Time PCR instrument, with Sentosa® SA201 Reporter software, is a 96-well, 5-colour real-time PCR instrument. Based on Peltier block technology, the Sentosa® SA201 is designed to deliver high quality results, in a 96-well format. The Sentosa® SA201 Reporter software has expanded capabilities which allows users to control thermal cycling protocols and perform automated data analysis, with connectivity to LIS.

Flexible Solution for Your Assays Sentosa® SA201 Instrument Features and Benefits
- 5-colour variable excitation supports multiplex assays
- Up to 96 samples per run for high-throughput runs
- Supported by Sentosa® SX101 instrument for automated upstream sample prep and PCR set-up
- Integrated Sentosa® SA201 Reporter Software for automated data analysis and report generation
- Faster thermal cycling profile for better turn-around time to support high-throughput 

Sentosa® SA201 PCR Workow Features
- 3 validated sample types
- 4 test assays
- Clinically relevant test designs
- Sample to report in ~ 4 hours
- Sample traceability throughout the workflow
- Highly automated workflow
- IT connectivity and LIS interfacing
- 1 service contract to cover entire workflow

Sentosa® SA201 Reporter Software The Sentosa® SA201 Reporter converts the fluorescence signals from the Sentosa® SA201 real-time PCR instrument to comparative quantitative readouts. Features
- Frees up tech resources and reduces turn-around time
- Ensures reproducible and reliable diagnostics
- Integrating seamlessly with laboratory procedures
- Security module to prevent unauthorized access through authentication
- Customised E-Signatures for multiple users
- Data auditing trails that independently record changes to SDS data files
- Automated result reporting with digital graphs (Linear and Log scale)
- Report generation in PDF or Excel formats


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