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Flexible Solutions with Open Channel Capabilities Sentosa® SX101 Instrument Features and Benets The Sentosa® SX101 is a multi-purpose liquid handling platform with open channel capabilities that automates various liquid handling steps including clinical sample extraction, PCR set-up, NGS library preparation, Sanger sequencing cleanup and many more.

- Easy-to-implement walk away automation with pre-defined pipetting protocols for e.g. sample extraction, PCR setup and NGS library preparation
- Open channel option for customized pipetting protocols providing endless possibilities for laboratory automation
- Primary tube handling capabilities for seamless workflow integration
- Supports extraction of 21 validated clinical sample types covering a broad spectrum of sample prep requirements
- Random Access: allows assignment of different assay combinations to each sample for maximum flexibility
- Intuitive graphical user interface with easy to use touchscreen monitor
- Sample ID tracking functionality to ensures sample traceability
- Bi-directional LIS connectivity for seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure
- Continuous audit trail with user specific digital signatures in compliance to CFR 21 Part 11
- CE-IVD marked for the development of diagnostic workflows

Real-Time PCR Workow In the PCR set-up, the Sentosa® SX101 effortlessly sample extraction and proceeds to set up samples for downstream real-time PCR in various output formats (rotor disk or 96-well).


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