BIONEER AccuPower DualStar qPCR PreMix (96 Tests) 2,5 ml

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Katalog K-6603
Brand Bioneer
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Katalog K-6603
Ukuran 2,5 ml
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The DualStar™ qPCR PreMix provides significant reduction of nonspecific reaction, high sensitivity, extended stability and great universality. Just additions of primers and fluorescent dye labeled probe of your interesting target gene into DualStar™ qPCR PreMix provide always reproducible results with convenience of use.


Features and Benefits

 User Convenience: Just add probe and primer for target gene.
 Extended Stability: In a freezer, the activity of this product is stable for 2 years.
 Reproducibility: Margin of error was minimized and reproducible results can be obtained, because no extra mixing step is requied.
 High Specificity: A Non-specific reaction by Enzyme-mediated Hotstart Technology was dramatically eliminated(patent 292883 & 10-2007-109055)
 Equipment Compatibility: Optimized results on various Real-Time PCR instruments can be obtained.
 Universality of target gene: Significant results can be obtained regardless of kinds of target genes.


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