BIONEER AgaroPower

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Rp. 32,901,000
Katalog A-7020
Brand Bioneer
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Katalog A-7020
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Harga Rp. 32,901,000

AgaroPower™ is an agarose gel electrophoresis kit with an attached loading adapter so even novices can load up to 96 samples (excluding size markers) within 2~3 minutes. The product is composed of a durable polycarbonate material that displays superior durability compared to acryl-based electrophoresis systems. The power supply is included for easy operation, as is a gel casting tray for easy gel casting.


    < Picture of sample loading with a 12-channel pipette and loading adaptor >


Features and Benefits

Power Supply & Tank/Lid
  Compact in design, it allows low (75V) or high voltage (150V) and is
    controlled with a simple ON/OFF system.
  8 or 12 multi-channeled pipette (can be also used as a Loading adapter)
    can it makes to easily load sample and save loading time.(There is a
    loading hole for 96 samples.)
  Transparent lid shows display process of samples on a gel.
  Gel can be made easily and accurately by comb with fixation.
  Identification of band is possible with being loaded gel on a tray as UV
    transmissible gel tray.
Gel Caster/Tray
 Gel can be easily made by gel caster.
 Gel caster with calibration ensures a uniform thickness of gel. 
Comb Set
 Up to 96 samples can be simultaneously loaded.
 4 combs consisted of 34, 25, 21, 15, and 13 well per lineare basically
 Gel length is adequately adjusted to each sample.
fig5 Loading adaptor
 Functioning as the loading adaptor, samples can be easily and quickly
    loaded without damaging the gel loading wells using an 8- or 12-channel
    pipette. (Up to 96 sample loading wells can be used)


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