BIONEER AccuPower HIV Quantitative PCR Kit viral load assay 96 T

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Katalog HIV-1111
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Katalog HIV-1111
Ukuran 96 T
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Harga Rp. 24,530,000

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is recognized as a known viral agent that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Thus, monitoring of viral load in HIV-1 infection patients is an essential test for establishment of therapeutic strategy and determination of therapeutic progress. A RT (Reverse transcriptase) PCR test is used to measure the amount of HIV RNA. Because this test looks for HIV directly in a person's blood instead of detecting antibodies, it is used by researchers and health care providers to identify infections during the window period.



Intended Use

The AccuPower® HIV-1 Quantitative RT-PCR Kit is an in vitro diagnostic kit designed for the quantification of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) RNA in human samples such as EDTA-plasma through real-time PCR using ExiStation™ Molecular Diagnostic System.

Features and Benefits

 HIV-1 Subtype Detection: HIV-1 subtype group M (A, B, C, D, AE, F, AG, G, H and several CRFs), N and O are detectable with high sensitivity.
 Signature Convenience: One-step RT-PCR premix type.
All components for the assay are contained within a tube. Just add sample!
 Enhanced Sensitivity &
Bioneer’s proprietary Dual HotStart technology accomplishes high sensitivity and specificity.
 Remarkable Stability: Vacuum-dried premix allows stable and reproducible results.
 High Quality: All diagnostic kits manufactured by Bioneer are under strict quality control guidelines.



  Target Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (integrase region of polymerase gene)
  Specimen Type EDTA-plasma
  Sensitivity LoD: 33.9 IU/ml (subtype B)
LoQ: 100 IU/ml
  Kit Contents PCR Premix, SPC 1~5, LPC, HPC, NTC, SL buffer, DEPC D.W.
  Instrumentation ExiStation™ Universal Molecular Diagnostic System
  Tests 96


Experimental Data

AccuPower HIV-1 SPC graph
Fig 1. Standard Positive Control (flu. graph)
AccuPower HIV-1 standard curve
Fig 2. Standard Curve


AccuPower® HIV-1 Quantitative RT-PCR Kit includes serially diluted Standard Positive Control (SPC) 1~5 for the quantification of HIV-1.


AccuPower HIV-1 positive sample
Fig 3. Positive Sample (flu. graph)
AccuPower HIV-1 negative sample
Fig 4. Negative Sample (flu. graph)


AccuPower® HIV-1 Quantitative RT-PCR Kit test results using clinical samples. The kit employs IPC in all wells to confirm correct PCR amplification.


AccuPower HIV-1 final results
Fig 5. Final Results


User centric ExiStation Manager software automatically analyzes the test results based upon the Ct (threshold cycle) value.


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