HIMEDIA Sterile Sampling Bag 720 ml. 50 per Pack

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Rp. 322,113
Katalog SL/SOR-1801
Brand Himedia
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Katalog SL/SOR-1801
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Harga Rp. 322,113

Sorfa sterile sampling bags are specially designed bag for microbiological analysis in variety of sizes, which are used as disposable laboratory consumables in a wide range. Applications vary from general blending purposes to samples preparation for analysis testing. For instance, it’s available for the dilution of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.


The feature of bags is compatible with any lab blenders. On the top of bag, two stainless steel wires are fixed by tapes close to the seal. They apply to transferring and blending samples in various purposes of experiment. There are printing and no printing bags for different customer needs.  Sterile sampling bags are manufactured from high quality poly ethylene which is transparent for easy observation. Bags are available for all sample types: food, blood, hair, cloth, soil and others.


To avoiding cross contamination, bags are sterile by Gamma or E.O. irradiation. They can be resistant to high temperature of 100 degrees. All Sorfa sterile sampling bags are packaged in bags with sterilization, RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.


Product feature:

1. Various volumes for different testing

2. Specialized for sampling and temporary storing.

3. All bags are sterilized with Gamma irradiation

4. RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.


Packaging information?

Composite film bags are used for packaging

Lot number is printed on packaging for tracking

Cartons are customized for protecting products from damage.


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