BOECO Centrifuge Microspin 12

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Katalog SL/BOE8075000
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Katalog SL/BOE8075000
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is a compact bench-top microliter centrifuge for medical and biological research; molecular diagnostics, biochemistry, immunology and cell technologies. It can be used for extracting RNA/DNA samples, separation of cell suspensions and other micro quantitative analyses.

The microprocessor control provides precise control of the set parameters and a user-friendly interface allows a easy entry of parameters.

The brushless motor provides quite, vibration free performance, even at high speeds and a long product service life.

The angle rotor is made out of aluminium.

Due to the low voltage external power supply, the Microspin 12 can be used in cold rooms.


Controls and  displays

  •   During centrifugation the actual values of the parameters are indicated
  •   Entry of the running parameters via foil keypad
  •   Speed display in RPM x 100, increment 100 rpm
  •   Time t/ min: 1 - 30 min, increment 1 min
  •   Open lid key



  •   Lid locking and holding device
  •   Emergency lid lock release
  •   Metal protective inserts and enclosures inside the body
  •   See-through glass in the lid
  •   Imbalance switch-off


The Microspin 12 conforms to safety regulations such as EN 61326,  EN 61010  or the CE mark and all relevant EC standards and DIN norms and has been manufactured under ISO 9001:2000


Technical details

Max. RPM (speed) / RCF   :  12.000  rpm / 8490 RCF

Noise level                        :  ≤ 57 dB(A)

Power (external)                : AC 100-240V,  60W/DC24V, 2.1A

Dimensions in mm             : 200 (D) x 240 (W) x 125 (H)



BOECO Micro centrifuge Microspin M-12,

100-240V, 50/60 Hz,

with angle rotor for 12 x 1,5/2,0  ml tubes and each 12 adapters for 0,2 and 0,5 ml tubes





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