UMS Self Refilling Tensiometer

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Katalog TS1
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Katalog TS1
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Harga Rp. 44,032,212

TS1 Self Refilling Tensiometer

If your task is soil water monitoring you know the problem: water vaporizes and is lost. If soil gets dryer than about 85 kPa, no tensiometer is able to take measurements. Still, as only little water movements occur in extreme dry soil, losing readings is tolerable. Then, when the soil gets wet again, the Tensiometer could actually restart measurements - but first it needs to be refilled again. 
Now, the TS1 solves this problem: In case the cup needs to be refilled and soil water is available the internal pump will draw up water out of the soil, refill the cup and remove all air through an exhaust outlet - fully automatically. Even if only a bubble is detected the cup is deaerated automatically. Contrariwise, if the temperature probe indicates emerging frost, the TS1 empties itself to prevent damages caused by freezing.




Typical Applications

  • Ecological impact studies
  • Agricultural studies
  • Model calibration
  • Long time monitoring studies
  • Water balance and transport studies


  • Field measurements of pF/wc
  • Automatic self-refilling and deaerating
  • Continuous fill level controlling
  • Optional pore water sampling
  • Automatic emptying before frost
  • Integrated soil temperature probe
  • Integrated data logging function
  • Low maintenance
  • tensioLINK RS-485 interface
  • SDI12 interface


  • Not for permanent dry soils


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