TRIANGLE BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES SHUR atau Cut Full Automatic Microtomes

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Katalog SC4500
Brand Triangle Biomedical Sciences
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Katalog SC4500
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TRIANGLE BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES SHUR atau Cut Full Automatic Microtomes Original from USA 

SHURCut motorized Microtomes incorporate the latest electronic technology that were engineered to provide the utmost in accuracy, efficiency and precise quality paraffin sections on even the most difficult to cut specimens. SHURCut Microtomes’ ergonomic design makes it easy-to-operate thus providing operator safety, efficiency and reliability with quality sectioning.

  • Ergonomic design reduces work-related repetitive motion stress issues
  • Full operator control at your fingertip
  • Specimen positioning memory function automates workflow
  • Microprocessor control for precise cutting
  • Reliable safety locks ensures tissue block stability
  • Specimen integrity is maintained for accurate diagnosis

Designed for high-production laboratory settings, SHURCut Microtomes are a true workhorse that provides reliable performance, precise and efficient cutting, automation and user ergonomics.

SHURCut Microtomes offer innovative electrical, mechanical and software engineering with outstanding control and precision that reduces motion attributed to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. When utilized with General’s Data comprehensive line of reagents and consumables, the SHURCut Microtomes maintains the specimen integrity that is crucial for accurate diagnosis.


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