IWAKI Centrifuge Tube with Polyform Rack bull pack Printed Graduation

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Katalog 2322-015
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Katalog 2322-015
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Harga Rp. 433,813

Centrifuge Tube 15ml with Polyform Rack, bull pack,  Printed Graduation (25 pcs/pack)

* Centrifuge tubes are designed for general laboratory centrifugation use as well as for
specimen collection and transportation.
* Standard 15 ml & 50 ml capacities are available in either high clarity polystyrene (P.S)
or opaque polypropylene (P.P) for high speed centrifugation and low protein binding.
* All tubes are gamma-irradiated for sterility, and are supplied with leak-free flat-top
triple-sealed cap.
* Tube have black printed volumetric graduation with large white marking spot for ease
of labelling
* Both 15 ml and 50 ml tubes are available in rack-packed or bulk packed.
* Special designed rubber adaptor for 50 ml tubes is available for use in high speed


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