NUNC Cryotube 1.8 ml SI EXT Starfoot 450 per bag Round -

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Rp. 5,500,000
Katalog 375418
Brand Nunc
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Katalog 375418
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Harga Rp. 5,500,000


Cryotube, 1.8 ml, SI EXT, Starfoot, 450/bag Round

Externally-threaded, polypropylene vials are designed for cryogenic storage of cell cultures, sperm, blood, and serum specimens.
They perform well in mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers and can withstand temperatures from –40 to 121°C. External screw cap reduces risk of contamination from handling. Passed 95kPa testing for IATA requirements.
Freestanding starfoot vials have a 12.5 mm diameter with a 13 mm diameter cap. Stepneck vials and caps have a 12.4 mm diameter.
Warning: Store CryoTube® vials in liquid phase of liquid nitrogen only if correctly sealed in CryoFlex™ tube.


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