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Tissue Microarray system

Tissue Microarray (TMA) is a technique that enables the tissues from many patients to be arrayed in a

single slide. You can compare and analyze the expression of various genes and protein from the

tissues. This technique has an advantage because you can analyze the tissues in the same

condition to enhance the efficiency of the research.

TMA technique reduces the use of reagent, time and human resources tremendously. Beside

increasing throughput, it offers the following benefits ; conservation of tissue resources, improved

internal experimental control, reduced consumption of reagents and facilitation of multicenter research

studies. TMA also can be applied to almost every tissue processing including immunohistochemistry,

in situ hybridization, FISH and in situ PCR.

Portable and easy to handle

• Shortening the TMA work

• Smarter arrayer compared to conventional products

• Easy to carry and to make the array block anytime & anywhere

• Inexperienced pathologist can be easily familiar with the kit

• Simple procedure for creating the blocks

• Easy to create the various sized blocks by using the recipient blocks


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