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Rp. 139,824,304
Katalog A4000D
Brand Stuart
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Katalog A4000D
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Harga Rp. 139,824,304


 Aquatron double water still

Produces 4 litres/hour double distilled water for higher purity levels. The first stage distillation is carried out in a

glassware set mounted at the front of the cabinet allowing easy access for descaling. The distilled water is fed to a

second set of glassware mounted at the rear and distilled a second time. The rear glassware is fitted with a level sensor

to ensure the heater is only activated when there is sufficient water in the boiler.

Technical Specification

A4000 A8000 A4000D

Output, l/hr 4, single 8, single 4, double

pH 5.0 – 6.5 5.0 – 6.5 5.0 – 6.5

Conductivity, μScm-1 1.0 – 2.0 1.0 – 2.0 1.0 – 1.5

Resistivity, mOhm-cm 0.5 – 1.0 0.5 – 1.0 0.7 – 1.0

Temperature, °C 25 - 35 25 - 35 25 - 35

Pyrogen content* Pyrogen free Pyrogen free Pyrogen free

Water supply 1 l/min 3-100psi 2 l/min 3-100psi 2 l/min 3-100psi

Electrical supply 220 or 240V, 50-60Hz, 220 or 240V, 50-60Hz, 220 or 240V, 50-60Hz,

Max. power, kW 3 6 6

Dimensions, mm (w x d x h), 550 x 240 x 410 550 x 240 x 410 550 x 410 x 410

IP Rating 21 21 21

*Care is required to produce pyrogen free water and the output should be tested before use.

The pH of distilled water

Pure water, whether from a still, deioniser or reverse osmosis system, is an excellent solvent and will quickly dissolve

carbon dioxide from the air to form a very dilute solution of carbonic acid. In a water still this solution can form as

the steam liquefies in the condenser, resulting in a distillate output with a pH of 5 - 6.5. This is a normal level which

has little effect on most laboratory procedures. A slightly acidic pH value does not mean that the water is grossly

contaminated as a carbon dioxide level of less than one part per million will cause a pH of 5. If necessary the carbon

dioxide may be removed by boiling the water. It is then vital to protect the water from the air otherwise the carbon

dioxide will be re-absorbed quickly.

(20-700kPa) (20-700kPa) (20-700kPa)

single phase single phase single phase


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