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Rp. 26,589,500
Katalog KD-200
Brand Abnova
Kondisi New

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Katalog KD-200
Ukuran -
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Harga Rp. 26,589,500

Product Model: KD200+Block  12x16 mm dia

Product Name: Sample Concentration

  • 1. KD200 Sample Concertration consists of a base and stand assembly, sample holder and gas distribution system. Test tubes are held in a block. The gas at 5~10 psig passes through the distribution manifold.
    2. Depending on the test-tube size and solvent volume they can be individually raised or lowered to the height. Needles or glass pipets blow gas onto the surface of the solution resulting in evaporation of the solvent 


1. High precision and wide range of temperature control
2. Blowing a large number of samples at one time
3. Blowing each sample independently
4. Amount of airflow can be adjusted
5. Easy operation; safe and reliable to use
6. Low Nitrogen consumption of 330ml/min/sample

Temperature control range


 Temperature control discrepancy


 Heating time (from 40°C to 150°C)


 Processing timer


 Maximum input power


 Temp. control discrepancy


 Needle length




 Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)



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