AllSheng Glassbead Sterilizer GBS-5000A

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Rp. 8,508,640
Katalog GBS
Brand Allsheng
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Katalog GBS
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Harga Rp. 8,508,640

Glassbead Sterilizer GBS-5000A


Glass Bead Sterilizers are a Quick, Easy and Accurate alternative to traditional methods of sterilization. 
Once switched 'ON', the units are ready to use within 25 Minutes and ensure total sterilization by 
destruction of all Micro - Organisms within 10 seconds.

Glass Bead Sterilizers are incorporated with an imported thermostat, which heats the highest temperature 
with 300? in 25m in, these units having a stainless steel body, are compact enough to be placed on any 
Laminar Air Flow Work benches or any other workside tables in a clean room atmosphere.

Model  GBS-5000A  GBS-5000B
 Crucible size  Φ40mmx80mm Depth  Φ40mm x 140mm Depth
 Temperature Range  100°C~300°C  100°C~300°C
 Heating Time (40°C~300°C)  ≤25min  ≤25min
 Weight of Glass Bead  150g  300g
 Material of Lid  Stainless steel  Stainless steel
 Dimension(DxWxH)  130x145x155mm  130x145x215mm
 Temperature Control Range  100°C~300°C  100°C~300°C
 Temperature Control Accuracy  ≤5°C  ≤5°C


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