Qiagen QIAGEN Plasmid Plus Midi Kit (100) -

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Rp. 31,198,200
Katalog 12945
Brand Qiagen
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Katalog 12945
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Harga Rp. 31,198,200

For the fastest, most convenient purification of up to 10 mg transfection-grade plasmid DNA.Rapid purification of up to 24 samples,Fast vacuum-based parallel processing,Low elution volumes for highly concentrated DNA,Very low endotoxin levels (<1 EU/?g) due to dedicated wash buffer. The QIAGEN Plasmid Plus Kits enable ultrafast, large-scale purification of up to 10 mg of highly pure plasmid DNA. The use of a vacuum manifold allows purification of up to 24 samples in parallel, reducing hands-on time. Low elution volumes yield highly concentrated plasmid DNA for direct use without ethanol precipitation. The QIAGEN Plasmid Plus Kits also feature a dedicated wash buffer for endotoxin reduction. The plasmid DNA obtained is highly suitable for a multitude of applications, including transfection into sensitive cell lines. For optimal results it is recommended to use this product together with QIAvac 24 Plus.


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