Qiagen EpiTect Plus FFPE Bisulfite Kit (48) -

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Rp. 5,391,100
Katalog 59124
Brand Qiagen
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Katalog 59124
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Harga Rp. 5,391,100

High-yield recovery of ready-to-use DNA in small elution volumes Unique DNA Protect Technology to prevent DNA degradation Minimal handling and rapid results The EpiTect Plus Bisulfite Kits are a coordinated system of kits that offer exceptional flexibility in starting material and a streamlined procedure for sample lysis and direct bisulfite conversion of DNA released from whole blood, cell cultures, tissue samples, and FFPE tissue slices. In addition, the converted DNA can be eluted in as little as 10 µl elution buffer, resulting in high DNA concentration. EpiTect Plus Bisulfite Kits continue to feature the same high DNA conversion rate and reliable DNA Protect Technology of the EpiTect Bisulfite Kits. Procedures can be automated on the QIAcube.


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