NEXprep ™ Plasmid DNA Mini Kit 100 prep

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Rp. 2,515,590
Katalog NexK-1000
Brand Nex Diagnostic
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Katalog NexK-1000
Ukuran 100 prep
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Harga Rp. 2,515,590

NEXprep ™ Plasmid DNA Mini Kit is a fast and simple way to isolate plasmid DNA from bacteria cells In addition, there is no need for organic solvents, repetitive centrifugation, vacuum filters or column separation. This kit is suitable for isolating plasmids up to 10 Kb. Plasmids larger than 20 Kb are possible, but yields may be lower. Separated plasmids can be used for PCR, restriction enzyme treatment, labeling, cloning, capillary sequencing, and so on. ? Applications ? Plasmid DNA prep ? Silica membrane spin column ? Free of Phenol and chloroform ? Fast and easy Spin-column product ? High DNA binding capacity of the column - up to 25 ug ? High Plasmid DNA yield - Up to 20 ?g per 1.5 ml culture ? Characteristics ? Optimized for rapid and efficient isolation of plasmid DNA using silica membrane column ? Quick experiment method: 15 minutes ? Effective purification at less than 10 Kb and good results at 20 Kb and above ? Maximum yield of up to 25 ug ? Purified plasmid DNA can be used for restriction enzyme treatment, sequencing, PCR, in vitro transcription, and transformation to various cell lines ? Storage ? RT recommended


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