NEXprep™ Gel / PCR Purification Mini Kit 100 prep

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Rp. 2,515,590
Katalog NexK-7000
Brand Nex Diagnostic
Kondisi New

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Katalog NexK-7000
Ukuran 100 prep
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Harga Rp. 2,515,590

NEXprep™ Gel / PCR Purification Mini Kit can be used to restore or enrich DNA fragments (100 bp ? 10 Kb) from agarose gel, PCR, and various enzymatic reactions. Chaotropic salts can dissolve agarose gel or denature enzymes. DNA fragments on the Chaotropic salt can attach to the glass fiber matrix in the spin column. The DNA attached to the column can be eluted with elution buffer by removing the contaminants while washing. Salt, enzymes, and other contaminants can be efficiently removed from the reaction mixture without using phenol extraction or ethanol concentration. ? Applications ? PCR clean-up ? Gel extraction ? Advantages ? Silica membrane spin column ? Free of Phenol and chloroform ? Fast and easy Spin-column product ? Characteristics ? Optimized for rapid and efficient DNA separation using silica membrane column ? High yield compared to other products ? Quick test method: 10 minutes ? Gel extraction and PCR Clean-up in one ? Wide range of DNA yield : 100 bp to 200 Kb ? The pH indicator is included in the GP buffer, expediting DNA binding and confirming that the agarose gel has melted ? Storage ? RT recommended


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