PTS DIAGNOSTICS Lipid Panel Total Chol. HDL, Trig., calc. LDL 0

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Katalog PTS1710
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Harga Rp. 3,236,322

A reliable and accurate lipid point-of-care test method enables healthcare professionals to easily test and immediately counsel their patients on lipid-lowering therapies, to understand their risk for developing coronary heart disease, their medication regimen, and the benefits of long-term persistence of therapy. A new lipid panel test, PTS Panels Lipid Panel Test Strips, provides lipid results (total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and calculated LDL cholesterol) from a single drop of blood, when run on the PTS CardioChek PA test system. CardioChek PA is a portable whole blood test system that uses reflectance photometry to determine three lipid concentrations on a single test strip. The system calculates LDL cholesterol levels using the Friedewald equation through the use of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Lipid Panel Test Strips have a cholesterol measuring range from 50 to 400 mg/dL, HDL cholesterol range from 15 to 100 mg/dL, and triglycerides range from 25 to 500 mg/dL. PTS Panels Lipid Panel Test Strips are CLIA Waived. This classification establishes that the PTS Lipid Panel Test Strip provides accurate, reliable and timely patient test results.


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