Yakos65 Fume Hood Cabinet

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Katalog HAG?120?AA?A
Brand Yakos65
Kondisi New

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Katalog HAG?120?AA?A
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Specification 1. Modularized design: the modules support to be assembled in laboratory. 2. The side cover of the fume hood is quite thin (less than 15mm). 3. Anti corrosion: The top, back, side and diversion covers of the fume hood are made of Phenolic resin. 4. The work surface: Made of Phenolic resin (thickness 13mm ,special for the laboratory usage) . The appearance is anti corrosion design. 5. Suspension cabinet: Combined design. Fixed by screws and tenon. The main frame is used the 18mm chipboard. The appearance is POLYESTERRESIN. The edge is protected by 0.45mm PVC and water proof designed. The hinge is 1100 open wide and supported self-close, 3D direction adjustment. 6. Stand: Vertical construction (C shaped) : Steel 40x60mm, thickness 2.3mm and powder coating. Horizontal construction (Beam) : Steel 30x60mm, thicknessl.5mm and powder coating. Levelers: SUS#304 stainless, rubber bottom. The adjustable height is 4cm. 7. Exhaust Air hood: PP material. 8. The handle of Window: Made by alloy aluminum and powder coating. Streamline arc design. 9. The glass of window: Laminated safety glass 6mm. 10. Water in and drain components: Gas Cock: Made of one piece alloy brass and powder coating. Control valve: The main frame is made of one piece alloy brass and powder coating. Sink cup: Made of one piece PP material. Drain trap: Made of one PPmaterial 11. Nameplates: Control panel: Blower and lamps switches. Electrical outlets: 110/15A *2 or 220V/20A *2 sets. ( Ground and parallel type). 12. Electrical contraction: There is a electricity distribution box in the bottom. Adjustable Overload protection and magnetic switch set. Blower motor fuse (NFB) 30A 3P. 220V electrical outlet breaker (NFB) 20A 2P. Fluorescent and 110V electrical outlet breaker (NFB) 15A lP.


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