CHROMACOL 2mL Screw Top Vial with Write on Patch - Clear Gold Grade

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Katalog 2-SVG
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Katalog 2-SVG
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Harga Rp. 5,003,419

8-425 thread finish vials are best suited for most instruments where the vial remains in the sample tray during injection

• Manufactured from superior quality 1st hydrolytic class glass (Type 1) in clear and amber

• GOLD grade glass quality is a low expansion high purity glass with an extremely low concentration of active sites

• Available with a graduated, write-on patch for convenient sample identification

• Small opening requires Micro-Inserts with a diameter of 5mm

• While maintaining the standard outer dimensions the internal volumes of these vials range from below 300μL to 2mL

• Where levels of inorganic ions have to be kept to an absolute minimum the use of plastics may be preferred to the more conventional glass vials

• 2mL Screw Top Vial with Write on Patch - Clear Gold Grade


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