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Katalog 66640
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Katalog 66640
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Harga Rp. 15,971,477

ProSwift RP-4H 1X250MM Reversed-phase monolith columns that uniquely provide the advantages of high resolution at exceptionally high flow rates for fast protein separations and analysis • High resolution at high speed • Highest operational flow rates available • High throughput and improved productivity • Excellent stability over a wide pH range of 1 to 14 • Outstanding reproducibility and ruggedness • High stringent wash compatible, for example, 1 M NaOH • High loading capacity ProSwift polymer reversed-phase monolith media are (polystyrene-co-DVB) uniquely suited for the separation of proteins. Each monolith is a single cylindrical polymer rod containing an uninterrupted, interconnected network of flow-through channels of a specific pore size; ranging from small channel (1S), medium size channels (2H & 4H) to very large channel (3U) sizes. These channels and the monolith’s nonporous surfaces result in fast mass transfer for high-resolution and fast protein separations. The channels also produce low backpressure, allowing the use of higher linear velocities with minimal loss of resolution.


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