HTI BiochemAnalleteChemistry Analyzer 1Set

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Katalog FC-120-1000- EN
Brand HTI Technology
Kondisi New

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Katalog FC-120-1000- EN
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The HTIBioChem FC-120isafullyautomatedrandom access chemistryanalyzer specifically designed for smalland medium sized laboratories. It’s easy to operate and compact,yet powerful and fast. It has abuilt in computer and large color touch screen with intuitive software with pre?loaded applications for all HTI reagents,making it abreezefor the labusertorun samples right out ofthe box. The BioChemFC-120 is a complete open system,capable of performing up to 100 tests per hour,probe with liquid level detection and collision protection.The sample tray has up to 42positions for samples and there agent compartment has up to 26 positions  forreagents.


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