Excilone PathScan Combi 1 Unit

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Katalog EXCS-PS-C
Brand Excilone
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Katalog EXCS-PS-C
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PathScan Combi is a brightfield and fluorescence slide scanner for digital pathology and FISH analysis allowing fast, flexible and reliable navigation, acquisition, analysis, archiving and transfer of high quality digital images. This scanner can acquire images with low-emission fluorochromes, as well (dual video cameras, monochrome, color). It allows the management of fluorescence preparations for as long as necessary in artificial or natural light without the risk of photobleaching and analyzes individual areas, nuclei and spots or whole preparations, in manual or semiautomatic mode.Software specifications:
• Complete database management
• Automated host interface
• Automated scanning procedure
• Digital microscope (slide viewing in live mode)
• Remote digital microscope
• Z-stack acquisition for FISH analysis
• Quantitative image analysis for digital pathology and FISH
• Web interface for remote reviewing of digitized slides and sharing (e.g., telepathology services, second opinions, online meetings) (optional)
• Membrane, nucleus and TMA analysis modules (optional)
• Her-2 FISH, ALK FISH and translocation modules


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