MACHEREY NAGEL NucleoSpin RNA Clean up 10 Preps MN

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Katalog SL740948.10
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Harga Rp. 2,507,010

NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up, 10 Preps

RNA clean-up

 NucleoSpin® RNA Clean-up, 10 Preps - MN
Simple, fast, and convenient clean-up of RNA




• Complete removal of RT-PCR inhibitors

• Time-saving procedure based on NucleoSpin® RNA, without DNase digestions and
   homogenization steps
• RNA clean-up from pre-purified RNA (phenol/chloroform), enzymatic reactions 
   (e.g. amplification reactions, labeling reactions)

Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format Mini spin columns
Sample material

 200 µL phenol/chloroform extract, reaction mixture, or < 105 cells

Fragment size > 200 nt
Typical recovery 85–95%
A260/A280 1.9–2.1
Typical RIN (RNA integrity number) Depending on sample quality (no significant loss of RIN detected)
Elution volume 40–120 µL
Preparation time 20 min/6 preps
Binding capacity 200 µg


RNA clean-up of:
• Pre-purified RNA (e.g., Trizol®)
• Reaction mixtures
• Amino-allyl-mRNA
• Biotinylated RNA
• RNA isolation from up to 105 cultured cells (whenever co-purification of some genomic DNA is acceptable, 
   kit does not contain rDNase)
• Typical downstream applications: enzymatic labeling reactions, RT-PCR, DNA/RNA-based chip 
* Kits to be used for research purposes only


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