DIONEX CX-1 Buffer B, 250mL,pH 10.2 250 ml

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Rp. 6,620,065
Katalog 085348
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Katalog 085348
Ukuran 250 ml
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Harga Rp. 6,620,065

pH Gradient Buffers Ready-to-use buffers for simple method development during charge variant characterization, The Thermo Scientific pH gradient platform accelerates method development and facilitates method transfer to QA/QC for a wide range of protein and mAb charge variants through a generic LC-based approach to charge variant characterization.
• Patented buffer formulations enable fast, robust and reproducible pH gradients that are simple to optimize and easily automated
• Ready to use with existing LC columns and systems, without the need for time consuming mobile phase adjustments
• Applicable to the majority of mAbs
Thermo Scientific pH buffer concentrates can be purchased individually or as a pair, in quantities of 125mL or 250mL. For added convenience, the 125mL buffers can also be bundled with columns in a number of specifically preconfigured kits.


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