Heathrow Scientific is a leading manufacturer of innovative lab supplies and instruments. We are renowned for producing colorful, innovative and functionally designed products.

Over the years, Heathrow Scientific has broadened their product line by offering well-designed instruments that are welcomed globally. The new RF3000™ Pipette Controller was developed for quick and accurate measurements and includes 5 nozzle cones for specific use coding. The Gusto™ High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge offers speed up to 12,500 RPM / 9,800 RCF and is designed for minimum bench top space. The Sprout® Mini-Centrifuge has been reengineered featuring our exclusive SnapSpin™ rotors for fast and easy rotor changes. 

From concept to completion, you can depend on Heathrow Scientific’s commitment to making products that are lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable.

With an ever expanding line of lab supplies and instruments, Heathrow Scientific has the ability to serve all your needs. Whether you work in the research sector, clinical, safety or industrial markets, Heathrow Scientific offers a comprehensive line that is sure to impress.

Look to Heathrow Scientific for design, function and innovation. We thank you for your continued support.