Abcam Run Buffer (20X) - RunBlue™ (TEO-Tricine) 4000 ml

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Katalog ab119197
Brand Abcam
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Katalog ab119197
Ukuran 4000 ml
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Harga Rp. 11,655,000

  • Description

    Run Buffer (20X) - RunBlue™ (TEO-Tricine)

  • General notes

    Run Buffer (20X) - RunBlue™ (TEO-Tricine) is optimised for use with TEO-Tricine Precast Gels – RunBlue™ to provide the best running conditions and optimal sample resolution. Based on a TEO-Tricine buffer system this gives improved resolution at low molecular weights, whilst retaining excellent resolution at the high molecular weights. The buffer can be used for reduced and nonreduced samples. The separation pattern is similar to that produced by a conventional MOPS buffer system.


    Optimised for use with TEO-Tricine Precast Gels - RunBlue™

    High quality and consistent electrophoresis results

    High purity reagents

    Please note that for Bis-Tris Precast Gels – RunBlue™ we recommend using MOPS Run Buffer (20X) - RunBlue™ (Bis-Tris) (ab270225) or MES Run Buffer (20X) - RunBlue™ (Bis-Tris) (ab270224).


    This product is manufactured by Expedeon, an Abcam company, and was previously called RunBlueTM SDS Running Buffer. 500 mL (20X Conc) NXB50500 is the same as the current 500 mL size, while 4 L (20X Conc) NXB50425 is the same as the current 4 L size.


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